Fernando Alonso woke up in 1995 after he crashed at 150 mph, into the inside wall of the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona during the final pre season testing two weeks ago.

However Alonso’s team, McLaren Honda, has been vague and cagey about the severity of his injuries, Spanish media outletEl Pais reports the two-time World Champion woke up after the crash believing he was just 13 years old.
According to the paper, it took the 33-year-old veteran driver a week to regain his memories. The pre-season crash took place February 22 in Barcelona.

Shortly after the incident, Alonso reportedly told doctors the year was 1995, he drove go-karts for fun and he hoped to be an F1 driver one day. The world champion did not remember his 2001 debut with Italian racing team Minardi or his championship wins in 2005 and 2006 with the Renault team, according to El Pais. He also didn’t remember joining McLaren-Honda last year from Ferrari.

Alonso's accident has caused a lot of concern in the drivers camps as some believe there is more to the official story McLaren-Honda have put out. According to the team, a gust of wind blew him off the Barcelona circuit and that the resulting impact with the wall knocked him out.
But Team boss Ron Dennis did, admit that McLaren-Honda’s other driver, Jenson Button, looked at the data and declared it "strange.”
Former McLaren driver and commentator Martin Brundle told the London Telegraph, "something is amiss."
"Something doesn't add up. It's a very strange situation. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors around," he said.

The doctors have advised Alonso to sit out the next race because of “second impact syndrome," a medical condition where there is a possible risk of death due to "experiencing a second concussion before signs and symptoms of a first concussion have resolved.”