At the end of 2014. 312 million Households around the world were using satellite operator SES.
This Represents an Increase of 7% in comparison with the previous year.

SES annual market research, including studies "Satellite Monitor" for Europe, shows that this growth comes from emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America where SES reaches approximately 7 million, 44 million and 24 million Households respectively.

In Europe, SES range increased to 154 million households and in North America to 84 million.
At the end of 2013, SES reached 106 million and at the end of 2014 increased to 125 Million Households. A net increase of about 3%.
Fewer households benefited indirectly from SES satellites through cable networks and through IPTV, about 21% or 38 Million Households.

Europe remains the strongest market using satellite operator SES while Germany Remained the largest market for DTH SES, 18 Million Households use the Astra, while France remains by far the biggest market for IPTV, with almost 11 million Households, of Which 9 millions indirectly via the Astra satellite.