Receivers Vu + software with animated menus and XBMC

According to information provided by one of the groups working on software development for tuners Vu + - openATV - you can expect a new release soon for models Solo SE , Solo2 and Duo2 . It will introduce two interesting changes , one functional and one associated with the appearance of the OSD.

Events will be: add the ability to run and use XBMC - known applications such as media center and making the animation options menu screens (with different effects to choose from). The Group has published on the site YouTube footage of the changes (see below), and the channel groups can also be found second video showing the effect of animation on software copyright openATV

It is still unclear how quickly the official software of the new features will be available. The fastest changes appear in the test compilations designed for more advanced users. Animated menu pioneered the receiver manufacturer Dreambox . This function is available for all models holders HD DM7080 and DM820 HD , which are now available for purchase. Interface XBMC can be used to play almost all popular media formats of audio and video, and to view the photo / image files.