Sly Stallone thanks police for UK film leak raid

Arrests for pirating films are nothing unusual. Getting a letter of thanks from Judge Dredd is though.

Sylvester Stallone has written to the City of London Police's Intellectual Property Crime Unit after a man was arrested in Halifax on suspicion of leaking the Expendables 3, which Sly co-wrote and starred in.

The man is accused of leaking a series of Hollywood films, either pre-release or whilst they were in the cinema.
In a press release, the police unit, which operates nationwide, say it's estimated the suspect had already cost the film industry "millions of pounds".

The arrest on Thursday was the result of an investigation launched in July 2014 by the US Department of Homeland Security Investigations unit, who got a tip off from an industry insider.

After the raid, Sly thanked the police in both Britain and the US, saying: "It is important to protect the rights of creatives around the world from theft."