Nearly 5,800 people, rescued from Mediterranean Sea off Libyan coast over the past 48 hours, have reached Pozzallo.


Nearly 5,800 migrants rescued from boats off the coast of Libya over the past 48 hours have arrived on the Italian port of Pozzallo, according to coastguard officials.

The development comes as part of European coastguard agencies' biggest rescue operation this year.
While the boats had docked almost five hours ago, most of the occupants had yet to disembark.

"We're being told that there is a rigorous one-by-one medical check-up going on to ensure that people do not carry transmittable diseases".
"You can see that people are getting agitated. It has been a very stressful journey for them."
Only about five people out of 900 people had been allowed to disembark during the night on Sunday. These included women with young children and one wounded man.