Almost 800 found in the middle of sea near Aceh province of Indonesia as Thai navy saves 106 refugees on a small island.


About 900 migrants have landed on the shores of Indonesia and Thailand after being adrift at sea for weeks, authorities said.

The migrants are among the few who have successfully sneaked past a wall of resistance mounted by Southeast Asian countries who are turning them away.
Several thousand refugees from Bangladesh and Myanmar - fleeing either poverty or persecution - are believed to be adrift on boats in the Andaman Sea in what has become a spiraling humanitarian crisis, reported the Associated Press news agency.

In recent days, about 2,000 landed in Malaysia and Indonesia, but both countries then said they could not accept any more.

"What do you expect us to do?" asked Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jafaar on Thursday. "We have been very nice to the people who broke into our border. We have treated them humanely, but they cannot be flooding our shores like this."

"We have to send the right message that they are not welcome here."
Fisherman towed two boats to Indonesia's eastern Aceh province early on Friday - one with nearly 700 people and another carrying 47, police said.