A young British woman has pleaded guilty to posing naked on a sacred Malaysian mountain.


Eleanor Hawkins, 23, admitted the offence of obscene acts in public during her short court appearance alongside three others - Canadian siblings Danielle and Lindsey Petersen, and an unnamed Dutch man.

She confirmed her name and was then read out the charge that at 6.45am on 30 May she had committed an "obscene act in a public place to the annoyance of others".

According to Sky News Asia Correspondent Mark Stone, who was in court, Miss Hawkins "was very quick" to plead guilty. The other three tourists then also entered guilty pleas.
The court heard the group had been making a large amount of noise and some had urinated in a pond during the incident, which had offended tribal elders in the area of Mount Kinabalu, a sacred mountain.

The tourists were accused of telling their guides to "go to hell" when they were warned about what they were doing but the group of four denied this.
After a brief adjournment, the judge returned and said he would change the sequence of events for the record, removing accusations that the four had told their guides they were "stupid", to "shut up" and to "go to hell".
The judge instead recorded that the guides were "ignored by (the tourists)".
but the group of four disputed this in court, an argument the judge accepted as he amended the record of events.

It is now expected that she and her three companions will hear their fate later today - a fate which could see her spending up to three months in jail.
Earlier in the morning, a handcuffed Miss Hawkins arrived outside Kota Kinabalu Magistrates' Court in a car driven and guarded by men in black balaclavas in what Mark Stone says "must have been a frightening experience for her".

Borneo's dominant indigenous tribe, the Dusun, claim the westerners' behaviour on the mountain, regarded by them as the resting place of the dead, upset their gods and caused an earthquake days later which killed 18 people.
According to locals Sky News has spoken to, the tribal anger has been exacerbated by local politicians who have also drawn a link between the nudity and the earthquake.

Miss Hawkins and the three others were being held at Sabah police headquarters in Kepayan. They are among 10 people who are alleged to have been involved in the nude stunt, and the other six are still being sought by authorities.
Miss Hawkins, an aeronautical engineering graduate from Derby, was arrested at Tawau airport on Tuesday attempting to fly from Borneo to Kuala Lumpur.
Speaking after the case, her father Timothy Hawkins said: "We have not had contact with the lawyer yet, so we don't know the precise details of what happened."