UFO Query Answered In Gailic By Welsh Government


Given the fight the importance the Welsh attach to their native language, it was something of a surprise when a minister responded to a question in Klingon.

Admittedly the inquiry from Darren Millar, the shadow health minister, was about sightings of unidentified flying objects at Cardiff airport.
The government was asked for details of any sightings and whether public money would be used to fund any research.
“Jang vIDa je due luq," the spokesman responded, adding: “ach ghotvam'e' QI'yaH devolve qaS."
In English it means: “The minister will reply in due course. However this is a non-devolved matter.”

Although this is believed to be the first time an official reply has been made in Klingon, it is not the only occasion that it has secured official recognition.
The language, which originated in Star Trek and is spoken by the warrior race, has developed over the decades.
Much of this is due to Marc Orkrand, who has become the mastermind of what has become a cult language in its own right.
He has helped develop the language, coaching actors on the Star Trek set.
It now has around 3,000 words and has its own language institute.

Even Shakespeare has been translated into Klingon and a theatre in Chicago staged "A Christmas Carol" in the language.
However Mr Millar was rather unamused.
"I've always suspected that Labour ministers came from another planet. This response confirms it."