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Thursday November 28 Rob Lynn: 'I agree Brad, with Cazorla going in the opposite direction. Cesc must be close to

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    Thursday November 28

    Rob Lynn: 'I agree Brad, with Cazorla going in the opposite direction. Cesc must be close to being sick of not being homesick so he can get homesick and return home again not to be homesick.'
    Apologies for recent radio silence. Been doing a cricket thing. In an astonishing abuse of TC power, I'm linking to it here. No-one can stop me.

    Brad: 'I wouldnt rule out Cesc returning to Arsenal just yet. Possibly this summer.'
    Jack Wilshere thinks Cesc Fabregas has been Arsenal's biggest loss in the transfer market. He said: 'I was the most upset about him leaving. But to arrive I'm excited about Ozil, he's settled in nicely.'

    Noel: 'It was a good performance from United last night but Leverkusen were so bad they made Giggs look about 20, Nani look hard-working and Anderson look thin.'
    Newcastle boss Alan Pardew has played down reports that Fabricio Coloccini and Yohan Cabaye want to leave.
    'I put my hands up, I am no great football expert...'
    Hey, Spurs fans! Feeling pretty down, yeah? Need cheering up? This way for the big lolz.

    Andrew Banks: 'Was delighted with the result and performance last night, as I was content to take a draw in what I thought would be a very difficult game. Leverkusen didn't play to their standard but United were finally ruthless. I think the key was the speed of our play, helped by Kagawa playing between the lines (although was RVP is back fit, surely Rooney will go there?) and Giggs playing in CM. If Moyes has managed Fellaini for 4 years or so then surely he knows his capabilities- so has Moyes overestimated his abilities to play CM or has Fellaini been overawed by playing for United? I know he's at a new team but he has been in the PL for a few years and is playing under his old manager- we need to see more from him. But overall delighted with the result, and hopefully we take that form into the weekend!'

    Noel: 'Thanks Brad; You'll remember I hoped the same when Arsenal played United, hopefully Sunday won't have the same outcome.'

    Brad Smith: 'Hope you are holding up there DT. Been a tough week. Keep your head up. Just wanted to say get well soon to Arsenal legend Pat Rice, who has been admitted to hospital. Also, I'm fairly certain Spurs will beat United this weekend. At least I certainly hope they do.'
    Everton won't use Leighton Baines' injury lay-off to speed up contract talks.

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    Friday November 29

    Tim: 'Just a couple of points about Montoya. Brad, Arsenal have Sagna and Jenkinson which is probably a more plausible reason for not signing an up and coming 22 year old, not that he is awful as you suggest. He has 24 appearances last season for the first team ahead of Dani Alves. Displacing a first choice full back is not easy to do so I'm guessing he's not a bad player and at 22 will only get better. Give him a chance rather than write him off because Arsenal didn't take him! The fact that the so called wonder kid (Tonny Sanabria) has rejected a new contract at Barcelona speaks volumes to me, he's obviously no Messi or Ronaldo.'
    Arsene Wenger is 'relaxed' about signing his new Arsenal deal.

    Ken: 'Brad, I take it from that you would have no objections to him playing for Spurs then? In all honesty, the wonderful press are linking us with every full back on the planet at the moment.'

    Brad: 'Ken - Montoya is AWFUL. Arsenal have scouted him for 18 months but rejected the chance to take him. Tonny Sanabria is the kid all the clubs want from Barca. He has rejected a new contract. Whoever gets him will have a star on their hands.'

    Ken: 'Dave, I see that Liverpool are apparently in talks over Barcelona full back Montoya. I assume therefore he will be playing for Spurs in the new year?'
    The 'Egyptian Messi' Mohamed Salah wants to move to a 'top club'. He lists his favourites as Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid.

    Rob Carter: 'Re your 0820 comment - No he's not the first to have a 40th, but being the most decorated player in English football history he is only one of 9 players over 40 to have played in the PL. Would have been nice for that milestone to be recognised with good grace on here.' I have huge respect for Giggs' many outstanding achievements. Having a 40th birthday is not one of them.

    Rich Lynn: 'Very happy this morning. Another win away from home at a European powerhouse. Yet another clean sheet. That's 7 games, 7 wins, 16 for, 1 against. Have to be just about the hottest team in Europe right now.'

    Ken: 'The simple fact is there are 4 CL positions available, and we are lucky enough to have more than 4 teams who have the aspirations to fill them. The press will therefore look to crank up the pressure on those teams not holding those positions at that particular time. With Spurs they are saying, look at the money AVB has spent, and where they are. There is no allowance for the fact that there are 7 new players, (a third of the squad), that are new. A few weeks back it was Moyes getting it in the neck because he had NOT spent any money. It is a lot easier to be a journalist than it is to be a manager, and they simply move their attack to those teams not in the top four. This is lazy journalism as there will always be 2 or 3 teams that don't make it. To be fair, I don't think any of the top teams are going to be changing their managers on the whim of the press. In fact, I am glad to see Liverpool are now looking at extending BR's contract: mind you he is now one of the managers not currently in the sights of the press.'

    BRENDAN RODGERS TEETH UPDATE: From Jay: 'A quick response to Brad, I think he had them capped whilst on our American pre-season tour, there were some pictures going around then.As for AVB, ludicrous he is supposedly under pressure yes but if he is, then I doubt last night's performance would not have eased any fears.'

    Brad Smith: 'Morning David. Quick question about AVB. If he was actually under pressure as of last night, then surely last nights result has done absolutely nothing to change that? Its debatable whether he actually was anyway, but I've seen some papers say AVB releases the pressure a bit. How? Im a little perplexed as to why the Daily Mail in particular are going all out for him. Its fun to wind up the Spurs fans about this, but in reality, he shouldnt really be under pressure at all, should he? Guess its the Arry connection. How do you feel about this weekend? Also - has Brenton Rodgers had his teeth whitened? If you havent seen that picture of him with Craig Charles. Seek it out. Cringe.' I cling to the hope and the belief that this is media-led nonsense and that no-one of any importance at Spurs is seriously considering AVB's position at the club. The ludicrously OTT media coverage is definitely the 'Arry connection. Bizarre to see AVB criticised for passing the buck after the City game (which he didn't do) when that was precisely what 'Arry (and his mates in the press) would do after every single Spurs defeat of his reign.
    Today is a momentous day, of course, as Ryan Giggs becomes the first person ever to have a 40th birthday. Think I've got that right, judging by the coverage.

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    Monday December 2

    Gordon Mays writes: 'Last weekend was dreadful for Spurs and this week it is Liverpool's turn. Losing Sturridge for two months is far worse than losing the points although without being disrespectful to Hull who thoroughly deserved their win the result itself is far worse than Spurs' 6-0 reverse last week. I thought Brendan Rodgers summed it up perfectly by saying: (1) Far too many defensive mistakes (2) Little creativity (3) Dreadful passing and ball retention (4) Lack of depth to the squad. Liverpool have a decent team when at full strength and have a few players they can bring in to cover certain positions but when like now they have 4-5 players either out or struggling with injuries including two key players they are looking a bit short. I was also disappointed to see Liverpool wearing white rather than the traditional red yesterday when there was no clash of colours - maybe that was the start of the surrender.'
    Schalke are still going to consider buying defender Dennis Aogo on a permanent basis from Hamburg, in spite of a serious knee injury which could rule him out for the rest of the season.

    Noel comments: 'I was slaughtered on the TC last week for suggesting that Liverpool are not title contenders due to their small squad and lack of quality in certain areas. One injury and a loss to Hull later and Brendan Rodgers is expressing the exact same opinions. I can only hope that the Liverpool fans will be as vocal today as they were last Monday but somehow I doubt it. As for the Sandro v Lucas debate...Case closed!'

    Paul Cressy writes: 'Morning Nick. An absolutely horrendous performance from Liverpool but full credit to Hull City, who wanted the result far more. A classic case of a team thinking they just turn up and the three points are theirs. It does not happen in the Premiership and Rodgers needs to stamp out this arrogance straight away. Worst performance of the season by far but alarm bells not ringing yet. We know we are better than that and two home games now to put it right and keep us in the top four.'

    Time for some e-mails after the busy start to the day in the TC. Brad Smith starts us off by writing: 'Par weekend for Arsenal with none of their title rivals dropping points. Nice however, to go somewhere that other 'top' sides have struggled and win at a canter. Here's my first outrageous prediction of the season: EVERTON WILL FINISH 4th'.

    In Sky Bet League 1, Steve Cotterill is a very short 4/11 to take the Bristol City job. Former Crawley boss Richie Barker is 8/15 to become Portsmouth manager in League 2. New Sky Bet customers can claim a free 5 bet every week.

    There are two other Sky Bet Championship clubs looking for managers. Stuart Pearce is the 7/4 favourite to be the next Sheffield Wednesday manager with Neil Warnock and Kevin Keegan the surprise names to follow in the market. Danny Wilson heads the next Barnsley boss betting at 4/5 with caretaker chief Micky Mellon 100/30.

    Ian Holloway is the early 5/4 favourite with Sky Bet for the Wigan job. Former Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan is next in the betting at 3/1, while Paul Jewell, Karl Robinson and Graeme Jones are among the other early contenders.
    Sky Sports understands Everton are eyeing a move for highly-rated Wycombe defender Kortney Hause.
    Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness is not worried about losing Arjen Robben, insisting there is still plenty of time to reach an agreement over a new contract.
    Manchester United boss David Moyes says the club have no plans to open contract talks with Wayne Rooney any time soon.
    Here is the full story on Owen Coyle's Wigan exit.

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    Tuesday December 3

    John Parry writes: 'Just to throw my opinion in there, Ozil is in his first first season, and the first half of that season..... he started brilliantly, but has tailed off..... and will probably come back in the latter part of the year.... what Arsenal have this season, which for me makes them favourites for the title... is a SQUAD and a good squad, and to be fair would be my tips for the title.... Spurs are a work in progress and with the players they have, youth on their side, and a top chairman will be back next season to push for the title, Liverpool back to yester year of we can..... no we won't, I still say 6th this season. Man Utd are woeful in parts... and City and Chelsea will push on, every player is valued at what a club wishes to pay for them, and ultimately most players will be integral to the success and failure of each team... but Ozil for me is that missing link Arsenal needed and has contributed massively to the form (and value) of Giroud and Ramsey. And yes Noel our lack of premier league success has made bitter beyond belief and has jaded my views of everyone else's success.'

    Rich: 'Yes, let's make one thing perfectly clear. Some of the stuff we write is tongue in cheek. It should be easy enough to spot. Ozil best in world, Ramsey best in Europe, Soldado scoring a hat-trick etc. A bit of light-hearted banter brightens up the day in the office don't you think?'

    Rob: 'Cheers for that Tom. If you're a regular reader (which is necessary in this case) you'll notice that the sensible conversation tends to dry up around 11am most days and it becomes fishing. Saying I don't have a credible opinion is a little harsh, do you have to be a fan of a club to have an opinion on their players? All I've stated about Ozil is that the hype it too much. He was nowhere in the 3 big games you've had recently, if you didn't see that then you're not watching properly. Please don't put me in the same bucket as the pool chaps, I don't talk about 20 years ago or believe my team is a title contender.'

    Noel: 'Nice post Tom and probably correct. I can't speak for the Liverpool fans but I'm sure the inability of Spurs to win the title in my lifetime have indeed played a part in making some of my posts more petty and entrenched than they would otherwise have been. I guess the excuse for Brad then is the failure of Arsenal to produce any silverware whatsoever in going on 9 years now.'

    Rich: 'Tom, disagree with you entirely on your Nasri/Cazorla point. If anyone watches the games they play in as I'm sure 99% of people on here do, then they are perfectly able to give a credible opinion. I don't support Barcelona or Real Madrid but I know that Messi and Ronaldo are the best players on the planet because I watch them. Personally I think Caz/Nas are two very similar players with the greater goal threat of Nasri just edging it. Much as I dislike him.'

    Rich: 'That's the point Brad. He's not a 'big player'. Well, not 'big' enough for Madrid anyway. But if you win the league the 'big' fee can be justified as it improved the whole team. If you come third, he clearly hasn't improved the whole team.'

    Tom De Luca writes: 'I wanted to reply to Rob at 2.35 to say since you're a Spurs fan you really can't voice a credible opinion on Nasri or Cazorla. However as I am an Arsenal fan I can and no-way would I swop anyone for Nasri nor take him back. And as for the Ozil discussion that just seems to gather pace with every week that goes by. Only when the title is decided next May will anyone know who has been the best value for money; Ozil or anyone. I read the TC column most days and all that I can fathom is that Ozil is over-analysed purely because he cost so much money combined with Arsenal's lead in the title-race. No-one on here saw the latter happening. Back in the summer all the talk was of Spurs and Liverpool and which one would win and no-one saw Arsenal as being likely. Perhaps we won't win it but I know that everyone here would love their club to be clear at the top and sour grapes don't contribute to an adult discussion and just highlight petty and entrenched views of the supporters of Spurs and Liverpool because of their desperation to succeed after years of no top-division titles. You all know just how long it's been for both clubs so it doesn't need repeating again.'

    Brad writes: 'Since when did spending big money on big players only become justifiable if you win the league?'
    Our expert Andy Schooler feels West Ham's Ravel Morrison should be backed to net in tonight's Premier League match against Crystal Palace. Don't miss his in-depth preview.

    Rich: 'A very sensible and well written defence of Ozil there Tim. Nice to see. Tell you what, if Arsenal go on to win the league, then you're right, he will have been worth every penny. Not necessarily for his actual contribution per se, but for the way he has lifted the entire team into playing better, be it with just an injection of confidence, or taking up a couple of opposition players (not sure there as Townsend gets doubled up on and he's awful), or whatever. If they don't, and I personally think City will win it comfortably, I don't think he will have been. Certainly his individual return goals wise etc will not warrant it. So we will see in May. But nice post either way.'

    Rob: 'Phil 14.30, I'm not an Arsenal fan but would suggest they definitely would, bar Cazorla he's far better than anything they've currently got. He actually scores goals as well as creating.'

    Brad: 'Phil - No.'

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    Wednesday December 4

    Noel: 'At this stage in his career I would absolutely love to see Berbatov walking around the Arsenal frontline. Just thought as a club at the top of the PL you're ambitions might have stretched a little further than a Man U reject from years ago. Nice to know you are becoming more realistic in your own ambitions. Doesn't say much for the players AW regards as your back up strikers; Podolski and Walcott, though.'

    Rich Lynn says: 'As a football fan it's very easy to enjoy the world's best players of which Bale and Modric are two. Irrelevant of who you support. Idolise is obviously a silly word to use however. We idolise our children for example but certainly not a footballer. And to say Spurs will never play them, that's another classic that needs saving. Bearing in mind Spurs are not seeded one when in CL there is a slight chance. And I will be in the South Stand giving them both huge applause in thanks for some fantastic memories.'

    Simon Wan writes: 'I would be very interested to watch 11 Jose Luis Chilavert or Rogerio Ceni. On the side note, I need some Southampton fans to tell me if Luke Shaw is worth 30 million in FM 2014.'
    Chris Coleman never doubted Bale anyway.

    Brad: 'Noel - so having Berbatov as a back up striker on loan is evidence how Arsenal wont finish top 4?'

    Tony F says: 'Hi and thanks to Brad (1.40) for that; spot-on. Yes, I am clearly talking in the future tense in reference to Modric and Bale; Spurs won't be facing them any time soon in a competitive match and so Spurs fans can, as Brad rightly says, idolise them. And Rob you've cleared up the confusion about whether Spurs fans are 'fickle' or 'confused.' As for Berbatov well here's your chance to answer whether Spurs or anyone would take him; Berbatov or Soldado? Hmm, that needs no thought at all - DB every time!'

    Noel: 'Brad; you asked me yesterday why Arsenal cannot win the league. Your post at 13:32 has answered that question better than I ever could.'

    Anyone fancy any upsets in the Premier League tonight? Liverpool's defence doesn't look one one to be trusted in my eyes but are Norwich capable of taking full advantage? Sky Bet are offering 7/1 on Norwich in the Draw No Bet market, which looks reasonable value. Gary Hooper is 14/1 to find the net first.

    Derek: 'Kumar - Pele is 73 years old. I reckon even a team of Emmanuel Adebayor's would have a chance of winning against that team!'

    Rich Lynn writes: 'Just logged in. Gerrard better than Bale?? Simply hilarious. Dread to think how far Bale will be in front of Gerrard in every possible stat by the time he's finished. Not belittling Stevie in the slightest but there's a big jump to the next level and Bale has done it.'

    Brad: 'Talking of Berbatov, would any Arsenal fans take him on loan for 6 months in January? I would.'

    Brad: 'Rob - In defence of Tony, he was quite clearly referring to the future and the fact that Spurs wont have to face Bale any time soon, so its easy for you to idolise him.'

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    Thursday December 5

    Rich: 'Yes Paul, you took Spain's centre forward (when Villa was injured) and managed to turn him into a player that made Spain prefer to play with no strikers than pick him. Genius work getting 50m though to be fair, Well, it would have been if you hadn't blown it on Carroll and Adam.As for 20 goals - I very much doubt it. You don't play Norwich again for a while do you?'

    Alan: 'In reply to Rob, yes, Ibra and Cavani have both overtaken him (Falcao) after a blank couple of games on the top-scorer charts; he's scored nine in total and more gossip over here that he's in a big sulk over contract so I guess watch this space but seems like he's looking for a way out. I haven't seen him in the flesh since the opening game but agree he's hardly looked the player he was with Atletico last year (I won't mention the certain RS at Spurs but similar in taking longer to fit in perhaps). I guess the big draw is the fact he can play CL in the new year and that's maybe why Chelsea are interested; we all moan about strikers but Ba, Eto'o and Torres are hardly ripping it up down at the Bridge these days.'

    Richard: 'In reply to Brad.Liverpool have coped very well without Suarez, his bans have forced us to.'

    Simon:'This is my attempt to sum up every day here at the TC:Arsenal fans: We are #1. Ozil is #1. Ramsey is #1.Everyone who isn't an Arsenal fan: Jealous of Arsenal's good team performance and standingLiverpool fans: We have Suarez!Everyone who isn't a Liverpool fan: Liverpool is bad, Suarez is leaving 100% for cheap. Spurs fans: Bale is the best!Everyone who isn't a Spurs fan: Bro , do you even score?Man Utd fans: We will turn around and be in top 4!Everyone who isn't a Man Utd fan: They will turn around and be in top 4.'

    Paul: 'Yes Noel, some players have had successful careers before they come to Liverpool, but surely not many! As for Suarez scoring, one against City, one against Chelsea, two against the Hammers, two against Cardiff and he must surely score at least one against Mr Dawson and co. It could in fact be more than twenty!'

    Brad: 'Paul - How are you going to replace all these goals when Suarez leaves?'

    Noel: 'To answer Paul's two questions. 1. No it wasn't, Torres had approx 40 appearances and 15 goals for Spain before he joined Liverpool. Contrary to what you seem to think players have had successful careers before joining Liverpool. 2. 20 is possible for Suarez if he gets 6 against Cardiff and West Ham. Taking his record against the rest of the better teams this season into account 1 would be a good return for him in the other 3 games you mentioned.'

    Greg: 'Seems like it was my worst nightmare yesterday seeing the two worst Arsenal players hit in the second minute - Jenkinson and Bendtner. Does that mean we do not need new signings in January? Great. We have all the forwards and fullbacks we need to compete against the likes of City and Chelsea. Can't wait to see Giroud/Bendtner battle Negredo/Dzeko/Aguero - those three don't stand a chance!'

    Jay: 'Brad I think we know who bought those players and my opinion on them is:Borini - Probably not good enough and will go back to Italy.Allen - Squad player but he's a more attacking threat than Lucas.Luis Alberto & Aspas - Jury out but need to starting adapting quickly (if they are going to) Sakho - Not seen enough for a true opinion, not the quickest but a beast of a man, I have hopes for him.As was said, everyone makes mistakes but at least if they do fail then they aren't 25-30M mistakes, the dearest there is Sakho at 18m and I hope he'll prove himself worth that. Even great players can be bought and fail in a certain country (e.g. Morientes)'

    Rob: 'In response to Alan, I've watched 3 Monaco games this year and he certainly doesn't look the player he has been, he was dreadful against Nantes I think it was and was substituted after an hour. I'd like to see him in the PL, although I don't think Chelsea would suit his style of play as it has never suited Torres, they play very narrow and it's always tight for the no.9 to find the gaps between opposing centre halves which he is/was so good at. By the way, are you not counting Ibra and Cavani in the top scorer stat?'

    Paul: 'Must just quickly turn back to Suarez. Several weeks ago, I was mocked on TC and you know who you are, when I dared to suggest Suarez would score 20 goals by January.Now with 5 games until January, matches against, West Ham, Spurs, Cardiff, City and Chelsea coming up, he requires just seven goals for the 20. Do you learned followers of football think he has a chance of this fantastic feat, considering he missed the first 6 games?'

    Rob: 'Solado, that's an ice cream isn't it or is it a Spanish salad? Can you tell me when David Villa was not first choice when fit? There is zero research going on here.'

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    Wednesday December 11

    Jay Dowman writes: 'Brad, 'Hatred'? Really, bit strong that isn't it, you really hate LFC and their fans? Not going to get involved in a 'we're better than you' pointless argument. As was mentioned, both teams have missing players, Spurs have a better squad, we have the best player on the pitch which means that either team can win to be honest. Us outperformed by a stronger squad or a piece of magic from Luis, it's going to be a good match to watch I think.'

    Phil Williams writes: 'Seeing that Bayern had to get a decent result last night to avoid being knocked off the top of the pile, I thought that City's second team did pretty well to win as they did. How many teams could choose to leave out players like Yaya, Nasri, Kompany and Aguero, and only bring Negredo on as a substitute, and still beat the European Champions on their own patch? If Bayern fatally relaxed a bit after scoring two early goals, arguably both offside, then that is their problem: they should be good enough and experienced enough not to capitulate and spoil their wonderful home record. And as for the Keane/Ferguson debate, personally I can't stand either of them. But that's not really a surprise, is it?'

    Rob: 'Noel, Keane's problem with Ireland was that he had a manager and teammates that didn't meet his standards. He clearly showed remorse for that episode, something which he hasn't done about anything else, ever. This is also the reason he hasn't made a massive impression as a manager. However, he has managed average sides with the exception of Sunderland in the C'Ship as they were good for that level. He clearly gets frustrated tasking the players with the impossible, being as good as him. I believe that if he was in charge of a top drawer side, he would be a great manager.'

    Rich: 'Don't forget Noel, that the Irish FA all travelled to said World Cup First Class while the players travelled cattle class. Then on the training ground they didn't even have kit that fitted, let alone balls etc. To a player used to the day to day organisation of Man United this was clearly not great. Then he gets goaded by an English manager not fit to lace his boots into quitting. He fully admits his mistake and it's his loss rather than anyone else's. Don't for half a second think Ireland could win a WC! As he said, he should have replied I'm playing for Ireland, not you Mick. Two men with big egos. Here's a question. If Keane had actually said that, I wonder if McCarthy would have had the balls not to pick him, stating that as a reason. Oh, and nice post Chris. Yes it's all a bit of banter. Right what you say though. Spurs a far better XI but Pool have a player that can win a game on his own if on song. Will it be the Arsenal/Hull or Norwich Suarez that turns up? Will have a big bearing on the result no doubt.'

    Don't forget the abandoned Champions League match between Galatasaray and Juventus will resume at 1300 today. Here is Sky Bet's market on the match if you feel strongly either way. Personally, the home win at 7/2 seems a very fair price.

    Brad: 'Chris, I spent my teenage years on Merseyside, so my hatred is more for LFC than THFC due to the utter arrogance and ridiculousness of their fans (being there in 1989 was sweet indeed), unlike many Arsenal fans I prefer a Spurs win this weekend. I guess though a draw is the best result for everyone at the top.'

    Rich: 'Bit harsh on Keano there Colin. From an outsider looking in it seems to me he calls it exactly as it is, be it about United or Ireland. He was big enough to admit he made a mistake at the World Cup and seems to me he spoke very truthfully last night. I think if anyone's bitter over at United it's old Red Nose himself. By the sounds of it he barely managed the team for the last 5 years anyway, was more Phelan. Seems to be desperately clinging on to whatever power he thinks he still has. Personally think this has been an extremely shabby episode of his life. The way he's bad mouthed the players that won him his titles is disgraceful with his main general who was key to most of them at the top of that pile.'

    Noel: 'TCers, Roy Keane walked out on his country on the eve of only their 3rd and still last appearance at a World Cup finals. If that's not pathetic then I don't know what is. To say that anyone other than Alex Ferguson is the best manager he worked under is obviously lies and anything he says after that is not to be taken seriously. They say everybody is good at something. For Roy Keane that was being a football player. He really should have left it at that.'

    Chris Henderson writes: 'LFC vs Spurs I think we can all gesticulate all we want. No one will be none the wiser until after the game. Both teams have notable absences and both have been hit and miss at times. No doubt Spurs have the better 'Squad', but do they have a singularly brilliant player who can change the game? Whereas overall the quality of their first XI is great. As an LFC fan I am looking forward to this game and no matter the result I expect a great game. I won't lie the LFC baiting that goes on here does get me at times, but as its 'banter' it's all good...Supposedly. Question for Brad and any other Arsenal fan, what's the preferred result here? Quick well done to City, no one would have thought they had the balls to come back like they did. I work with a Bayern fan and he was pretty nonchalant this morning, in his words. 'we didn't lose position, so it doesn't matter'. Fair Enough!'

    Darshan Shah writes: 'Cant believe that there are so many updates on Man Utd today here on TC!! I agree with all that Rio is way past his best. We clearly need to get a good defender to cover for Rio/Vida. Given our form this season, I am really happy that we finished unbeaten and at the top of our group. Playing a 40 year old and a central defender in the middle shows how short we are on the midfield front. This makes the Jan Transfer Window very important and I just hope that we aren't again after unrealistic targets and that the lessons from the previous window have been learnt. With all top of the top 6 playing each other in the busy period, we have relatively easier fixtures ahead of us. I just hope we get maximum points and then see where we are on New Years and then push on from then with the help of a few important signings.'

    John Egan: 'I agree with Rob Roy Keane is refreshing and his views on Sir Alex are probably taking it a bit far but this is a retaliation. I think Keane has a great point. I think if Sir Alex really and truly had the best interest on Man Utd then he would have waited until next year to release his book '

    Andrew Banks says: 'I completely agree with Ross about Rio last night, it reminded me of Gary Neville's last few games for us when he was totally off the pace. I'm reluctant to write Rio off because he has come back and proved us wrong before but I do think this might be his last season. As for Giggs, he should be starting the odd cup/home game but not anywhere near as he is - it really shows how poor our midfield is!'

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    Thursday December 12

    Kris Commons says Celtic urgently need to find a top-quality striker to compliment their midfielders.

    Thanks to Red: 'Did Arsenal lose last night ? It seems the TC is a much more mature site today without the usual puerile tittle tattle posted every five minutes. Well done my man and long may it continue.'
    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce claims he knows nothing about any possible move for Obafemi Martins.

    Welcome back to Andrew Banks: 'In reply to Tom, that can't happen as you can't face a team from your own country or group in the last 16. You can only meet in the QF and I doubt all British teams will be there. As for Gordon, oh dear you caught me!! Of course I don't want United to get drawn against Munich, Barca or Madrid because most likely we would lose. If we can get into the QFs by playing a weaker team then yes that's exactly what I want. To win the competition you will have to play at least one great team but surely United have a better chance of getting further if we get easier draws.'

    Gordo Mays says: 'Noel (12.55) I bet Barcelona & Real Madrid don't think like that - I would suggest their attitude would be in order to win the CL we have got to show everyone we are the best team - bring it on !!! Let me ask a question - FA Cup Third Round Arsenal v Tottenham - how do you see it ? Obviously, you would have preferred a home draw but do you relish the chance to dump your local rivals out of the competition at an early stage ? It's all in the mind - which is more important wanting to win or fear of losing ?'

    Good afternoon to Tom. who says: 'Hello Dave, what are the chances that all four of our clubs will be paired-up together in the draw...or am I just being cynical about how UEFA will want to lessen the chances of an English winner? I'm guessing that Arsenal would fancy getting drawn with United as the weakest of the group winners.'

    Many thanks to Ian Fong: 'Long time since i've written but i follow the Tc every day .. So in response to Gordon . As you say Gordon , the objective is to win it , nevermind who you play against . I prefer winning the C.L by playing Galatasaray , anderlecth , marseille Etc tthan NOT winning it because i played Munich in the 1/4 or the semi . These days ONLY silverware counts . The same applies to England , if England wins the W.Cup in 2014 people will always remember who is the winner even if they played , iran in semi and Australlia in final . So why , choosing the most difficult path if everyone have the same objective. It's as if you go to buy a car, one place it's 30K and the other place for the same car it's 60K .And you say ,i will buy the 60K ..'

    Noel Madden has got back in touch: 'Gordon; the aim is obviously to win the competition but the best way to do that is by winning your group and so playing a second place team in the last 16. The odds are that one of Bayern, Barcelona and Real will be in the final. The most realistic way for the other teams to win the thing is to avoid those 3 until the final. Nobody is going to win the CL playing, for example, PSG in the last 16, Real in the QF, Barca in the SF and Bayern in the final. You might beat one of them in a season or 2 with a lot of luck but 3 or 4 is virtually impossible. Nice to dream about but not realistic.'

    Hello to Gordon Mays: 'I just can't understand why everyone is so bothered about the draw for forthcoming competitions and which clubs or countries they want to avoid. Everyone says they want to play in the most prestigious competitions to test themselves against the best around then they worry about getting an 'easy' draw. Whether it be the World Cup or Champions League the object is to win it or at least give it your best shot - there is little to brag about if you get to a semi-final without having beaten anyone of note. Worrying about avoiding certain teams indicates a lack of confidence in your own ability and if that's the case you are dead in the water with little or no chance of success. I know that in the CL financial matters come into consideration but to clubs of size and statue once the group phase is over surely only winning matters and whether you get knocked out in the L16 or QF stage makes little difference - you're out.'
    Roberto Martinez will look after both the old and younger members of his Everton squad with new contracts in January.

    Good morning to Ken Livermore: 'Like the other contributors this morning, I was delighted to see Chelsea and Arsenal complete the English quartet in the knock out stages; well done !! Chelsea certainly seem to have learnt from United the art of expending the least amount of energy to qualify top of the group. Last night was no classic, but was a professional job very well done. Arsenal will once again be at the mercy of the draw, and you just know they will end up with Madrid, or Munich; it just keeps on happening. It does puzzle me how they can do an amazing job of being in the top four year after year, and then make such a limited impact in the CL. How can they be showing such great form in the PL, and then fail to get the required result in Napoli ? On their domestic form they should certainly have more than one appearance in the CL Final by now. What is it with Arsenal , and the CL?'

    Thanks to Andrew Banks: 'Delighted to see Arsenal lose last night (no offence Brad) as it meant Dortmund didn't end 2nd in their group and become a possible opposition for us. I think United's possible opponents are Galatasaray, Olympiakos, Schalke, Zenit and Milan which all are winnable. Would be good for Moyes to be able to get us to QF in his first season in CL. But it's back to the league now and the next four games are huge- Villa (A), West Ham (H), Hull (A) and Norwich (A). If we can build confidence and take 10/12 points we will bring ourselves back into the pack as Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and City will be playing each matches against each other and so some teams will drop points. Not sure if United will get any value in January transfer market but Moyes was scouting at the Atletico-Porto match last night.. Wonder who he was looking at?'

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    Friday December 13

    Jay Dowman: 'Have a good weekend all, god help us all on Monday, it's going to be an interesting place!'

    Dave Wort writes: 'I very rarely write in but enjoy, in the main, reading TC every day. I am writing now in response to some of the comments made by Spurs fans over the last few days. I realise when you are a small club that your main source of enjoyment is watching the bigger clubs fail, but there should at least be some semblance of realism in what you say. Spurs have not finished above Arsenal since God was a boy, you have won nothing of any significance (to the big clubs) in the Premier League era and play in a stadium half the size of Arsenal. Should you not at least try to achieve something before shouting form the rooftops. Perhaps you need to reconsider your targets at clubs more your level, Southampton, Newcastle etc?'

    Andrew: 'John, everyone is entitled to their opinion whoever they support. As a United fan I am telling you the majority of our fans want an easier game so we can progress to QFs. As for Welbeck he was outstanding in both Madrid games, both attacking and doing a job on Xabi Alonso. Again, I agree Rooney should have played but the Welbeck selection was vindicated by his performances!'

    Brad: 'Noel - remind me how many trophies Spurs have won in the last 20 years? I find it absolutely bizarre for a Spurs fan to continually go on about lack of trophies. United fan. Yes. Chelsea fan. Yes. Spurs? Bizarre. Also Noel, lets see how Spurs fare if they do ever build a new stadium (though i see you are getting govt help, so not really the same process Arsenal had to got through).'

    Noel: 'Tim, how much longer is the stadium going to be used as an excuse for no trophies. It's all well and good qualifying for the CL and then the knock-out phase but how many years in a row do you have to do that without winning it before it's regarded as failure. Spurs qualified once and got to the quarters, Arsenal have had 15 extra tries and only twice got further.'

    Rob: 'Tim, rebuilding for 8 years and about to be 9, sounds like a costa del sol apartment block.'

    John Egan: 'Andrew 13:35 so we are only allowed an opinion if our clubs qualify for the champions league. Picking Welbeck over Rooney was a bad choice, but it wasn't on footballing ability that Sir Alex made that decision. I am certain that if Sir Alex hadn't retired then Rooney would be playing football elsewhere. Welbeck is awful, Suarez has scored more club goals in 2 weeks that Welbeck has in 2 years. If he didn't play for Utd he wouldn't have got near the England side.'
    Manchester United striker Robin van Persie will be out for a month with a thigh injury, manager David Moyes has revealed.

    Tim: 'Rich, if you call qualifying for the Champions League knock out stages every season for I don't know how long whilst building a brand new state of the art stadium so therefore in a transitional stage hence less funding to invest in the team a failing then there are not many clubs that actually succeed. I think in Arsenal's case you need to look beyond the trophies and look at what they have actually invested in for the future. We keep hearing about AVB and Brendan Rodgers 'building for the future' but you need the infrastructure in place before you can do that. Otherwise you will get so far then have to take 2 steps back. Wenger has been a key figure behind their rebuilding and there is no doubt Arsenal are now through this phase and could be looking at several years of success down at the Emirates whilst the others are playing catch up. I see Arsenal, City and probably Chelsea dominating for the next few seasons, not only this season.'

    Andrew Banks writes: 'Gordon, first of all it's very easy talking about what we should do in the Champions League when you aren't even in the competition isn't it? Yeah SAF definitely shouldn't have played Welbeck who scored in Madrid and forced the OG at OT- terrible management.. I do agree that I would like to have seen Rooney play as well but don't think the Welbeck choice was a bad one! Lastly, Arsenal are playing very well and are in good form so I think they are in a slightly different position to my team, who are not playing well and could lose to Crystal Palace at the minute, let alone Munich. I want to be in the QFs so I am very happy to play a weaker team if that gives us a better shout. Would it give United confidence to be beat 7-0 over 2 legs by Munich like Barca were? I would like to think United would raise our game but at the minute Gordon, United need confidence.'

    Rich: 'Tim, not at all. It's just that Arsenal's failings happens annually and Spurs' successes don't, so probably seems that way. With regards to CL, I fully expected them to qualify. I've said many times that I don't think Napoli are any great shakes. Think they will definitely struggle next round though. PSG their best chance.'

    Jay Dowman: 'Nick, I don't think that the Henderson is probably fit news has the Lynns quivering. Although AVB saying Soldado might not start even though he scored 3 last night might cause a slight quiver?'

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    Zanetti: Messi would be ideal for Inter
    The Nerazzurri are expected to spend big during the winter transfer window and the club captain's dream is to be joined at Appiano Gentile by "the best" player in the world

    Thiago Silva: I never wanted to leave AC Milan
    The Brazil international has once again claimed that he was forced out of San Siro but remains glad that the Italian outfit made a healthy profit on him

    Manchester United push Zaha towards Newcastle loan move
    The 17 million signing is available for a temporary switch in January and looks likely to end up at St James' Park despite reservations over relocating to the North East

    Manchester United were close to 'major signing' last summer, insists Moyes
    The Scot insists the club still boast the financial resources to attract the world's top talent, but admits his key targets chose other clubs over moves to Old Trafford

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