FRED PERRY would have been thrilled by Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph, according to his daughter.

But Penny Perry-Evert believes her late father — Britain’s last winner 77 years ago — may have also found it a bitter-sweet moment.

She said “My father was a huge patriot. He was always fundamen-tally British, it was always about being a Brit.

“Britain has just won Wimbledon. What can you say? He would have been absolutely thrilled.

“And with his love of the sport, he would have recognised it can only be a good thing for British tennis.

“But you’re not a human being if an element of you isn’t saying ‘Goddamnit!’ You wouldn’t be human if it wasn’t bitter-sweet.”

Penny, who is married to Chris Evert’s elder brother, would love to have been able to join the other British tennis fans leaping up and down with joy.