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Monday November 11 Bhupinder Buttar writes: 'In reply to Noel at 14.22 - Although other fans of clubs near the

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    Football Transfer Centre

    Monday November 11

    Bhupinder Buttar writes: 'In reply to Noel at 14.22 - Although other fans of clubs near the top might come off a bit confrontational, but the problem with a team that scores 1 goal to win and not every game is that one team who sets up to defend or 1 mistake will cost you points. when you buy 6-7 players who are promising 2 will hit the ground running but the others might take more time. that is the problem with Spurs this season. Also as an Arsenal fan I am very worried when we have only Bendtner to come on to support or replace Giroud, I am surprised why we dont use Park or a youth player cant be as bad as NB23, that is our biggest failing right now, TW and Podolski are on their way back, by December we should have a lot of options.'

    Kenny Daire: 'Urgent Newsflash...United fans starting to realise that Rooney is actually bigger than club!!!'

    Noel: 'Unsurprisingly Brad and Ralph have picked me up incorrectly and didn't obviously read mine and Gordon's previous posts carefully. When I said starless, in the context of answering Gordon's post, I obviously meant that Arsenal didn't have a player who was head and shoulders above all other players in the team such as RVP was the season before and Bale for us last season. Correct me if I am wrong on that. As for Ralph's comment regarding goals scored; Man City have scored more than 2.5 goals per game, 19 more than Spurs, yet there they sit one point below us. When the rules change and the league is decided by goals scored rather than points I will worry.'

    Gordon: 'Kumar (12.24) - Please let me answer some of your points - you will not finish 10th in the PL that is being silly - you will be somewhere in the top 6 but if you don't get CL football next season surely that would be a disaster for a club of Man Utd's size and stature. You say that United played well yesterday but personally I would not say my team played well if playing at home they only had two goal scoring efforts in the first hour and were hanging on desperately in the last 20 mins although I agree you had chances on the break during that period with Arsenal throwing more and more players forward - an excellent result but not sure about the performance. Rooney played well but surely he should have been sent off as it's a miracle he was not cautioned long before he did eventually get a yellow card. I agree that supporters should support both their team and manager but during the summer transfer window you were writing in on a daily basis criticising Moyes for not signing various star players from all over the world and suggesting they should let Rooney go if he wasn't happy as he was trying to be bigger than the club where in reality he is by far and away the best player you have and you would be in a much worse position without him. The only signing you eventually made was Fellaini who to be fair is the sort of player you would only sign if you intended to play a long ball game - he has done nothing to improve your squad and when Giggs (although still a decent player) is still regularly featuring on your team sheet at his age surely that tells you something. Have you ever wondered why Ferguson retired when he did ? - I think he wanted to go out as a PL winner and thought this might be his last chance for the next few years bearing in mind some of the expensive players of average ability in the squad he was leaving behind.'

    Ralph Gomez writes: 'What a great position to see Liverpool in, however it is still a hope that we will finish in the top 4. As for Noel's comments, if Arsenal are a starless team averaging 2 goals a game, what does that make Spurs who cant even manage an average of 1 goal a game?! A team for League One or Championship? Crystal Palace and Sunderland are the only two teams who have scored less goals so far. And given the way Sunderland are going it wont be long before they too would have scored more goals that Spurs. But then again football is very unpredictable so who knows what will happen in the next 5 or 10 games. One dark horse that is starting to play well is Newcastle. They may surprise a few teams. Southampton are also a bit of a surprise package. Well it all makes for a very interesting season. My prediction is that the winner this year will have less than 90 points.'
    Lionel Messi is set to be sidelined for up to two months with a hamstring injury he sustained on Sunday.

    Brad: 'Starless team? Noel, please keep it sensible.'

    Noel Madden: 'Gordon, I know the point you are making and agree in part but you are wrong to say we have no star players. We have Lloris, Vertonghen and Sandro who in my opinion are as good as anyone in the league in their respective positions. Kyle Walker is also having a very good period. What you probably mean is we have no stars in the attacking sector, and at the moment that would be a fair assessment, however we had a star player last year that was definite to play every game until he got injured in a Europa league game and we had nobody of the same calibre to replace him. At the same time Arsenal's starless team went unbeaten for the last 12 games. I don't know our best 11 but I'm getting closer to knowing it and there can be no doubt that Spurs will improve as the season goes on while I'm not sure the same can be said of some other teams, not mentioning anyone in particular, who have to play the same 14 or 15 players (one striker) twice every week.One final genuine question for Gordon; have you been disappointed in Townsend since the England games?'

    Jay: 'Ken, I think we can only judge him on his actions now but he will always be a ticking bomb I think. Last year he was almost impeccable all season, cutting out most of the theatrics and then out of the blue he bites someone. He served his punishment, missed 10 games (5 of which were this season and he's already joint top scorer after giving everyone a 5 game head start). He knows he's in last chance saloon with us so either he's learnt a lesson and is now being a good boy or he wants a move to Real so if trying to show he can behave. Someone (Real?) will come in for him in January and I think we'll be able to hang onto him but it will be interesting in the summer. If we make top 4 would he stay with us as we'll have provided CL football for him or is his heart set on a move and have we already agreed with him that he can go in the summer if 'Club X' offers a certain amount? Either way, if he is going to go then 50M is not enough for him.'

    Martin Nugent, writing from Germany, says: 'Like many Liverpool fans I am also happy to hear Liverpool written off as top four contenders. But what a surprising weekend. As Moyes said yesterday no team is going to run away with the title this season. My feeling a couple of weeks back was that Arsenal and Man City are in the best position to be champions, but Man C are doing their best to prove me wrong. Cannot understand why anyone would suggest Arsenal are not contenders. Losing at OT is not exactly a disaster and some players did not perform at their level. All teams will have this happen this season and often when least expecting it. In this age of internet with the demand for constant news forcing people in football to make rash judgements, it is no surprise that fans' views change from week to week. Arsenla despite the defeat are still top of the table! Liverpool are scoring goals. Man U have stabilised after a rocky start and Rooney's playing at his best. Spurs have a problem scoring. Southampton are not just a flash in the pan. Let's enjoy the rest of the season.'

    Gordon: 'Noel (11.15) You mention that Spurs have a strong squad in regards number of good players available (which I agree with) but surely their problem is that they are all of similar calibre and that you have no star players that are always going to be first choices. I don't believe that either the supporters or manager have a clue which is the best eleven and despite blowing all of the Bale cash on the squad you don't have a forward capable or leading the line and scoring goals - or no doubt if your midfield could deliver perfect passes which stop on the spot 12 yards from goal Soldado would finish them off with aplomb.'

    Ken: 'Have to say that as the season progresses I find myself getting more and more uncomfortable with the situation at Liverpool. To see the club doing so much better is brilliant, but I am having trouble balancing this with the importance of Luis Suarez to the club. Watching him on Saturday it was hard not to be in awe of his pure talent, or applaud his goals, and his work rate. Here was the man who bit an opponent, now breaking ranks before the game to have a quick word, (and show respect), for his former manager Martin Jol. I can't get my head around the guy!!! The thing is I know that with him we have a good chance of a top four finish, and without him we don't. Obviously I want my club to do the best it can, but do I want Suarez at the club? Has he turned a corner, or will he disgrace himself (and the shirt) again? Can I accept the price we have to pay to have this player at our club, but do I want to rob myself of seeing his sheer brilliance on the ball? Help!!!!!!'

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    Tuesday November 12

    Today's edition of Paper Talk is now live and includes a rather interesting line on Chelsea reportedly planning a January move for Radamel Falcao.
    As it's international week, we will have to adopt a more World Cup-themed approach over the next few days. Now I'm sure the Liverpool fans out there will feel Jordan Henderson is playing his way into contention to earn a spot in the England squad for Brazil next summer and the player himself says: 'I think it (the World Cup) is up for grabs for anyone. If you are doing well and your team is doing well people will be looking at you but now I have the chance to go and train and possibly play I have to make sure I'm at it form the start.'
    Good morning and welcome to Tuesday's edition of the TC with me, Chris Hammer. If you'd like to air your views on any of today's issues then get in touch with me at

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    Tuesday November 13

    A late Daniel Agger story for the Liverpool fans to check out.

    Chievo have announced Eugenio Corini's return as the successor to former coach Giuseppe Sannino.
    Martin O'Neill has admitted he is surprised no club has taken the chance to hand Roy Keane a return to management.
    Cardiff have recalled Joe Mason from his loan spell at Bolton - less than 24 hours after the striker completed the switch.

    Barnsley winger Reuben Noble-Lazarus has joined Scunthorpe on loan until the start of January.

    Dean Brill has signed a permanent contract at Inverness which will keep him in the Highlands until 2017.

    Here is new Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill talking to the media.
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic "could not be happier" at Paris St Germain, but has stopped short of confirming he will finish his career with the club.
    Middlesbrough have called a press conference for tomorrow and Aitor Karanka is expected to be named as the new boss at the Riverside.
    Blackburn boss Gary Bowyer has met with the club's owners and reiterated that Jordan Rhodes is not for sale.
    Enjoy the latest Sky Bet Football League column from Nick Miller.

    Here is Terry Butcher talking about becoming the new Hibernian manager.
    Nick Hext is now in control of the TC so get your emails in to him for the rest of the day at [email protected].

    Nirain Lobo writes: "Read in Paper Talk that good ole Mourinho is looking to buy Max Meyer from Schalke. Guess he's trying to buy all the midfielders so Man U gets none. Wonder if Thiago Alcantara regrets going to Bayern for all the bench time he is getting. Top players like him need to be playing regularly and Man U would have offered that."

    Paul Cressy writes: "David Bentley, Liverpool fans would all agree that Henderson has improved and as to being a Champions League player, not every team in the Champions League will deem to have players worthy of being a "Champions League" player! Take United for example,Young and Fellani who are actually shocking,and both possibly costing more than Henderson!"
    Manchester United duo Michael Carrick and Danny Welbeck have been ruled out of England's friendlies against Chile and Germany through injury.

    As expected, Hibernian have confirmed Terry Butcher as their new manager on a three-year contract.

    Serie A strugglers Chievo have parted company with coach Giuseppe Sannino after just four months in charge.

    David Bentley writes: "I have to agree with Ralph, I don't know how Liverpool fans rate Henderson. He is very average and nowhere near good enough for a team hoping to get Champions League football. He was linked with United at the time and I was dreading we would buy him. And considering how bad our midfield is that tells you how little I rate him. Anyone know when the draw is made for the groups of the world cup? It will be interesting to see who wins between Ronaldo and Zlatan in the playoffs, have to say I fancy Portugal."
    Question 2: Lukas Podolski's missed penalty in a group game against Serbia in 2010 was the first time a German player had failed to score from a spot kick in either regulation time or a shoot-out since when? There are no bonus points if you know who missed, the specific match and who saved it, but very well done if you know anyway.
    Interesting news for Man Utd fans as Robin van Persie pulls out of the Holland squad through injury.
    Rob Lynn says: "Re Howard 10:50... Are all Pool fans happy with Mignolet? He looks the most suspect keeper in the league when the ball is in the air. Agreed he's a great shot stopper, but aren't they all these days?"
    Martin Nugent from Germany says: "Ken, lets hope BR and his scouts are watching as closely as you are - I am sure they are. Are the details of the loan public knowledge? Does a season loan mean Suso cannot be called back during the season??? All the best to the team at TC."
    Ralph says: "Re Paul and Howard's post. Whilst Lucas and Henderson have improved, I do not believe that they are Champions League quality. Yes squad palyers but not first 11 material. Lucas makes too many mistakes when passing. What we dearly miss is Alonso or a Alonso type player and there are not many of them around. Also just wanted to make a point to Noel from yesterdays post. You need to score to win and if you are averaging less than 1 goal a game you are certainly going to have problems winning. Also, once Man City's Manager realises that all he needs to do is play the same style at home and away, they will start scoring more goals and winning more games."
    I'm going to pass control over to Ben Linfoot for the time being but keep emails coming in to me and I'll publish them when I return.
    Chris Smalling believes Manchester United are starting to make their customary move towards the top of the table. He said: "It's starting to come together now and come January and the new year, we'll be really flying and showing that consistency United have become known for over many years."

    Hibernian have confirmed they will unveil Terry Butcher as their new manager at 1400 GMT this afternoon.

    Howard Tooley writes: "Had a little smile when I saw your (Paul Cressy) comments about Henderson because I remember when he first came to Liverpool you were not impressed. He just needed time to settle in and good to see he is doing so well because he had loads of potential. Another issue is Simon Mignolet you must admit that was the steal of the century, You guys must love Di Canio, 10million was a give away."
    Kumar Amritesh wins - he correctly says "1976 - Against the Czechs" before anybody else. Question two will be coming up later in the day.
    Question 1: Everyone knows that Germany are lethal from the penalty spot, but do you know when their senior side last lost a shoot-out in any major international tournament?
    One of my other jobs today is doing some World Cup feature research and as a result I'm finding out some rather interesting little facts which I'm going to use to test your international footballing knowledge. Question one is coming right up, just after I've finished my mid-morning Croissant (topped off with homemade damson jelly).

    Ken Livermore writes: "I was very disappointed when BR decided to let Suso go out on a season long loan. As good as Coutinho is, Suso was in my opinion even better, and just the sort of player we needed to keep in the squad. Since he went on loan I have been keeping a close eye on him, and he is setting the Spanish league alight at the moment. He has scored one wonder goal, and has five assists already, and is currently rated the fourth best midfielder over there. Both Real Madrid, and Barcelona have sent scouts to watch him. My big fear is that we might not see him back at Anfield if this interest turns into a concrete offer. We really need to watch out that we don't find ourselves letting another great talent slip through our fingers. Suso is the real thing and we need to ensure he is part of the new revolution, and not simply a big plus in the accounts book."

    Kumar Amritesh writes: "City really seem to be ruing the absence of Silva and Kompany. Frailities at the back, and lack of the killer pass going forward. Silva's absence has had the same impact that Mata's has had at Chelsea. Both absent for different reasons of course, but both can carve the defences open in the blink of an eye."
    Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany, who has missed his side's last seven games, faces another three weeks on the sidelines due to a thigh injury sustained against Everton last month.

    Paul Cressy writes: "With regards to Jordan Henderson, I think there has been vast improvement with him this season. Not quite the 20million player yet, but if he continues at the rate of knots he is,he could well be! Not ready for England yet, as the centre midfield roles are amongst the hardest to fill, but in 6 months who knows? Same sort of scenario as Lucas at Liverpool, started hardly setting the world alight but improved so much and now one of the best holding, sweeping midfielders in the Premiership. Will not be surprised to see him in the Brazilian squad either. How funny that this extremely poor Liverpool team is packed with international players."
    Micah Richards hopes his long-term future lies at Manchester City, but acknowledges that anything could happen. The defender also admits his England bridges may be burned, but has no regrets at snubbing a Euro 2012 call-up.
    I just want to draw your attention to a World Cup lowdown feature written by our very own Andy Schooler. With qualifying drawing to a close, it tells you everything you need to know about Brazil 2014 all in one page. Obviously it doesn't include literally 'everything' - like where best to eat in Rio or what the public transport is like, but you know what I mean. It's the bare essentials from a footballing perspective.

    Today's edition of Paper Talk is now live and includes a rather interesting line on Chelsea reportedly planning a January move for Radamel Falcao.
    As it's international week, we will have to adopt a more World Cup-themed approach over the next few days. Now I'm sure the Liverpool fans out there will feel Jordan Henderson is playing his way into contention to earn a spot in the England squad for Brazil next summer and the player himself says: "I think it (the World Cup) is up for grabs for anyone. If you are doing well and your team is doing well people will be looking at you but now I have the chance to go and train and possibly play I have to make sure I'm at it form the start."
    Good morning and welcome to Tuesday's edition of the TC with me, Chris Hammer. If you'd like to air your views on any of today's issues then get in touch with me at [email protected].

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    Thursday November 14

    Check out the new column from Sky Sports' Ed Chamberlin as he reflects on the latest Premier League action and looks ahead to the weekend's racing at Cheltenham.

    As Portugal prepare to host Sweden in the first leg of their World Cup qualifier on Friday night, we have a video clip featuring some of the best recent goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    Celtic have agreed a 100,000 deal to bring Icelandic striker Holmbert Aron Fridjonsson to the club in January.
    The place for e-mails is
    Jermain Defoe admits he's frustrated by his lack of Premier League opportunities at Spurs, but isn't looking to leave the club.
    Roy Keane says he would've been 'crazy' to turn down the Republic of Ireland.

    Morning everyone. Why not start your day the right way with a typically flimsy interlull Paper Talk?

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    Friday November 15

    Quotes from Palace owner Steve Parish on the managerial situation.
    Sky Sources report Crystal Palace are in advanced talks with Dan Petrescu over the vacant manager's job. The former Chelsea and Romania star is now 4/7 favourite with Sky Bet. More to follow...
    The full Luuk de Jong story is here.

    Bournemouth have confirmed top-scorer Lewis Grabban has signed a new contract with the club.

    Here is a video about Chris Coleman signing a new deal to stay in charge of Wales.

    Check out Ben Coley's betting tips for tonight's international action and check out Sky Bet's latest odds and Price Boosts.

    The Newcastle Chronicle report: 'Bafetimbi Gomis and another long-term target Luuk De Jong could be back on Newcastle's radar as possible January transfer targets.'
    Here is the full Chris Coleman story.

    Vicente del Bosque has also announced he has signed a contract extension to remain as Spain coach.

    This news was expected as it's confirmed Wales manager Chris Coleman has signed a two-year contract extension.

    Bury tweet: 'We can confirm that Danny Nardiello has joined the club until January'
    We also have the Sporting Life League in the Soccer Saturday Super 6 game for you to join in the fun! Simply sign up and then select the join a league option and use the code 6NZ5ZB.

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    Tuesday November 19

    Many thanks to Nick Watson: 'Whilst on the face of it Brad's idea of betting on Germany in the friendly international seems a good call, it will probably actually be a draw or England might even win.. The German side that plays this evening will be significantly weakened and the England team will be a lot stronger than the side that faced Chile. England are normally difficult to score against and have pace in Townsend and Sturridge to test the German defence, which is the weakest aspect of the German side.'I actually fancy England to bounce back with a win and Sturridge to score twice.

    Brad has come up with an idea: 'May i suggest that the TC have a collective wager on Germany tonight at 6/4. Its not often that bookies give money away but that seems a ridiculous price. A far far better team all round. Do a joint XI and see how many England players would get in. You could actually argue for none unless you squeezed in Rooney at the expense of Goetze or Muller.'

    Howard Tooley says: 'Morning all. Am I a lone voice in saying I will be glad when this round of 'Pointless' Internationals are over. What have they done for us apart from once again disrupted the actual football season. Also guys crying off for a match, will be interesting to see if they are fit to play for their teams on Saturday and Sunday. I really can't see the point of these games because it can't be to get the players fit and it can't be to get the players to gel with each other because half the England players selected won't even be on the plane for the world cup, so what is the point. Yes I know it's so the manager can take a look at them but surely a pointless exercise because you need players playing together on a regular basis before they start to really interact. So personally think these Internationals are a waste of time and money. Lot of moaning about being defeated by Chile but there is an example of a team who have played together for a long time and wanted to win. Germany tonight really worried as think we will be humiliated once again.'
    Tim Cahill is not ruling out a temporary return to English football in January and is expecting interest from clubs.

    Hi to Ken Livermore: 'Just to clarify matters, I would like to make it clear that I do NOT wish to play for either Real, or Barca. (Mind you, I would not mind sitting on the bench, and collecting the money if that could be arranged).'

    Good morning to Tony Cannon: 'Just shows you how easy it is to twist the news. A young lad at Man City John Guidetti scored 20 goals when out on loan for Feyenoord. The news is that since he has spent the last 18 months on the sidelines and is now up for a move to get playing time.. Seems harsh by City until you discover that he had a bad virus for twelve months and a damaged knee for six. Newspapers!!!!!'

    I have to agree with you Brad to be fair. A slight twist in the meaning of what Bendtner said puts a whole different perspective on the story.

    Good morning to Brad Smith, who leaps to the defence of Nicklas Bendtner: 'Dave - can you please do me favour and report what Bendnter actually said and not what the press have reported he said. He said 'If it was up to me I would play for me Real or Barca'. To be clear, if it was up to me, i would play for Arsenal. Its VERY VERY different to saying 'Im good enough to play for Real or Barca'. Im in no way a fan of the guy, but this has seen the worst of our press again. Why is it so hard to report the facts?'

    Our Ben Coley has previewed tonight's international football and fancies Franck Ribery to find the net for France.

    Paper Talk is done and dusted so check out all the latest gossip.
    Good morning and welcome along to Tuesday in the Transfer Clockwatch. Drop me a line with any football-related banter to

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    Wednesday November 20

    Jack Colback has revealed that he is in no hurry to talk about a new contract with Sunderland.

    Jamie B writes: 'Hi Nick and I just wanted to say the record of Ibrahimovic is pretty damn good - for Rich's sake I'll ignore goals scored for Ajax and for PSG since those sides play in the inferior leagues - but his record in La Liga and Serie A totals 138 goals in 248 games and that by anyone's standard is a goal every other game (better than that actually) and 48 for Sweden in 96 games and that is one in every other game in a very ordinary side. So I agree with everyone other than Rich on this one; Ibrahimovic definitely is world class.'
    Dan Petrescu has denied he is a candidate to become Crystal Palace manager and insisted he is happy at Dinamo Moscow.
    Yeovil and Reading have mutually agreed to cut short Stuart Taylor's loan stay for personal reasons after just 48 hours.
    for the rest of the day.

    Rich: 'Noel, are you seriously using Joe Cole and Joey Barton as an indicator as to the strength of a league? Blimey. As for Zlatan's medals, I think you'll find that he was always at the best side in those leagues. As much in spite of him as down to him. In my opinion.'

    Noel Madden: 'Sorry for entering the debate a little late. I'm sorry Rich but I have to disagree with you completely about Zlatan. He has won league titles in 5 different countries with 7 different teams. In all of those teams he was one of if not the most important player. It's OK to say that the French League is not great but the likes of Joe Cole and Joey Barton have been there in the last few seasons and didn't pull up any trees. The biggest mistake Guardiola made was falling out with him and it cost Barcelona at least one CL as there is no doubt they would have found a way past Chelsea in 2011 if Zlatan was there. As for the Swedish team; if you take a look at the rest of the players around him they are average at best yet they nearly always qualified and would have again but for coming up against Ronaldo. In the 4-4 group game with Germany Ibra assisted for all 4 goals. On another topic; Ronaldo was brilliant last night and is getting all the plaudits but it must be a great feeling to know that when you make a run you have a player of the quality of Moutinho who will find you with a pass. He really was the one that got away for Spurs.'

    Tim: 'A DRS system would not work in football for every decision. Here's a scenario, there is a tackle in the middle of the pitch which the referee doesn't deem to be a foul so lets play go on. The opposition then asks the referee to stop play to review the decision which turns out to be no foul. The attacking team is severely disadvantaged. It just would not work because most decisions in football are debatable to some degree so if reviewed, there will still be debates whatever the final decision. Just leave everything down to human error/judgement, which in actual fact just needs a bit more consistency.'

    Kumar: 'I quite like that idea Rich. And I also like the idea that John and JD mentioned. Maybe we can take the middle path. Allow 2 reviews, one by the official, and one by the team. Interesting.'

    David Bradley writes: 'In response to Kumar: This is why I mentioned only for red cards and penalties as they are the two biggest causes of major upsets. I guess you could include diving in that but that is why I mention pens if a player dives the defending team can request the replay checked to see if it was a pen or not. It would not make sense having it for every decision as that would be ridiculous! Also limit a team to 2 or three uses of it if they have used their 2 or 3 tries and another decision happens so be it this will make teams only use the replay if they really feel they have a case!'

    Rich Lynn: 'Kumar, I was thinking of a couple of reviews, successful or not. Therefore they wouldn't be wasted willy nilly and the game wouldn't be held up. Would be used to turn around absolute howlers. You would then have to hope that the ref is good enough to keep it down to two howlers per team per match. Don't see that that would add any time. The official could certainly review it and restart play quicker than the protests that went on before the penalty was taken in the Chelsea and Swansea games last week.'

    Thanks to John Egan, who has emailed: 'Just my view on the whole reviews debate. What about the technology being only for the use of the officials, that way if they are unsure they can take advice just like a Rugby ref' does to see if the ball is grounded. People are always saying that refs need more support well let them have the tech, the only thing I would want from them in return is some accountability when it goes wrong.'

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    Thursday November 21

    Manuel Pellegrini has something to say about Joe Hart.

    New Middlesbrough manager Aitor Karanka has made his first appointments to his backroom staff.

    Kenny Miller confirms in this video that he has had no contact with regards to a move back to Scotland with Rangers.

    York tweet: 'Defender Keith Lowe has joined The Minstermen from Cheltenham Town on an initial loan until January'

    All about Tony Pulis in the next Crystal Palace manager betting. The former Stoke chief is the 1/8 favourite to get the top job at Selhurst Park. New Sky Bet customers can claim free 5 bet every week.

    Interesting to report that Sky Bet's 6/4 favourite to become the new Scunthorpe manager is former Leeds and Aston Villa boss David O'Leary. Steve Housham, Steve Cotterill and Nick Barmby are also at the head of the market.
    Wigan have a verbal agreement with Manchester United to take forward Will Keane on loan, boss Owen Coyle has confirmed.
    Press Association Sport understands West Brom are in constructive talks with Saido Berahino over a new contract.
    Check out our Chris Hammer's predictions for the selected matches in the Soccer Saturday Super 6 game. We also have the Sporting Life League for you to join in the fun! Simply sign up and then select the join a league option and use the code 6NZ5ZB.

    Our betting preview of Saturday's Premier League games is now out and you back the tips with Sky Bet.
    Feyenoord have confirmed that they maintain an interest in Manchester City striker John Guidetti.
    Check out the latest column from Sky Sports presenter Ed Chamberlin as he looks ahead to the return of the Premier League and the weekend's racing action.

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    November 23

    Joe Hart could remain on the Manchester City bench despite an impressive performance for England in midweek.
    Interesting stories for you to check out on Emmanuel Adebayor and Joe Hart.
    Martin Jol insists he was the mastermind behind Rene Meulensteen's appointment as Fulham's new head coach.

    Jamie Redknapp looks ahead to Saturday's Merseyside derby between Everton and Liverpool in this extended video preview.

    Check out the latest column from Sky Bet's Dale Tempest as he marks your card ahead of Saturday's action in the Barclays Premier League.
    Confirmation is in that former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry is training with the Gunners during the Major League Soccer close season.

    Sheffield Wednesday tweet: "Owls striker Caolan Lavery (@clavery13) has joined Plymouth Argyle on an emergency loan deal."

    We have betting tips for the Premier League action on Saturday and Sunday and you can check out Sky Bet's full range of odds.
    Alan Pardew is hoping Newcastle can impress to help him both keep his top players and attract new signings.
    Bafetimbi Gomis is reluctant to speculate on what his future holds, but has not ruled out a contract extension at Lyon.

    David Beckham says he is hoping to be able to make an announcement soon on owning a franchise in the MLS in this video.
    Here are the latest predictions from us for the Soccer Saturday Super 6 game. We also have the Sporting Life League for you to join in the fun! Simply sign up and then select the join a league option and use the code 6NZ5ZB.

    Chesterfield tweet: "Chesterfield loan Callum McFadzean from Sheffield United until January."
    Arsene Wenger has more to say about Jack Wilshere.

    Here are the details on Michael Carrick extending his Manchester United contract.

    Manchester United report via Twitter: "BREAKING NEWS: Michael Carrick has extended his #mufc contract to June 2015, with an option to sign for a further year." More on that to follow.
    Scunthorpe are poised to sign Lincoln City defender Andrew Boyce, Sky Sports understands.

    Fulham tweet: "The Club can confirm that goalkeeper @Neil38Etheridge has joined Crewe Alexandra on loan". That refers to goalkeeper Neil Etheridge.
    Santi Cazorla - possibly in the style of Kevin Keegan has admitted he would have "loved it" if Arsenal had signed Liverpool striker Luis Suarez.
    Good news for Manchester City fans as Sergio Aguero has again rejected rumours linking him with a move away.

    David writes: "Maybe Gus Poyet should have ensured that his job description covered player recruitment before he signed his contract. I can't imagine that this point wasn't covered."
    Mauricio Pochettino does not feel Southampton need to strengthen in January due to the quality coming through the club's academy.
    We already have a few transfer stories out from this morning. Gus Poyet says he will leave Sunderland if players are signed by the club's director of football without his approval.

    Our 12/1 Sporting Life Accumulator for Saturday's football action is here and Going for Goals is back so why not back them with Sky Bet.

    Paper Talk starts off the day with Diego Forlan a surprise name to lead the way.
    Here we are for the final day of the week in the Transfer Centre. The Premier League returns tomorrow with the Merseyside derby to get us started. Thoughts on all things football to

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    Wednesday November 27

    Gordon: 'Rob (14.25 & 14.42) Yes, I am reading your names, your comments and it is without any shadow of doubt 'biased Spurs comment'. The reasons for Liverpool's improvement in both results and performances during the second half of last season is down to three things: (1) We had a new manager in Brendan Rodgers at the start of last season and it took him time to get to know the players and get his ideas over (2) At the start of the season during this transitional period we had a tough runs of fixtures and dropped many points (3) The purchase of both Sturridge and Coutinho during the January transfer window. When you can score goals on a regular basis you will always have a chance in any game - if you can't score goals the best you can hope for is 0-0 draw or nick a few 1-0 wins. Despite your manager having served a one year apprenticeship and spending a reported 108m in the last window Spurs simply do not have a single player in their squad anywhere near as good as Suarez, Gerrard, Sturridge or Coutinho. Buying players for big fees does not make them play well and as you often point out Liverpool have suffered in this way with players like Carroll and Downing for example.'

    Rob: 'One I'd like all TCers to contribute to as the afternoon comes to a halt. Who has more potential do the guys think, Barkley or Wilshere..... Over to everyone else...'
    A change of personnel in the Transfer Centre. for the afternoon now. Continue the debate by sending your emails to: [email protected]

    Tony F: 'Perhaps to put the Spurs debate to bed I could say that perhaps (and I mean this seriously as a neutral) it's just not their time of the year since last October and November they also suffered defeats (home to Chelsea 2-4, home to Wigan 0-1, away at City 1-2 and away at Arsenal 2-5) before bouncing back against WHU, Liverpool and Fulham, although none of those sides were in the top-half of the table at the time but nevertheless they picked up the thread of winning. Something for the WHL faithful to get some comfort perhaps. Can this be the final word on Spurs and their 0-6 mauling?'

    Rob: 'Exactly right Ken, and you started flying at the end of the season, I just hope our finishing improves (with or without luck) sooner.'

    Rich: 'Not at all Ken, would love to hit the woodwork! In fact Ken, the woodwork would definitely be preferable in the second half of games when Townsend is shooting at the Lane. We're in constant danger behind that goal!'

    Ken: 'If I remember rightly, last season some Liverpool fans got a lot of stick for mentioning the number of times we hit the woodwork, and lamenting our luck. Now we have Spurs fans making the same points about their team's luck this season. What goes around comes around.'

    Rob writes: 'Gordon, are you reading our comments or just looking at our names and assuming 'biased Spurs comment'? I think I've been pretty frank about our players and AVB, citing all the mistakes we've made. I've called no one 'great' that's for sure. To summarise your questions... AVB has a first team squad which is made up by 35% new players. He is also trying to teach the whole lot of them to play a different way. I believe he is trying to do something positive but also trying to do it too quickly, exactly what he did at Chelsea. He needs to be less stubborn in his approach and realise a gradual approach may be more fruitful and keep the right people on side. I think it will turn around. If you look at the Newcastle game, that result would occur 1 in a billion times if the same things happened, Krul was ridiculous and we haven't had a great amount of lady luck in front of goal. That can't go on all season, it's simply not possible. The way we've been so shy in front of goal, we could be 15 points behind. So let's see what happens when a few start deflecting in or going in off a shin or knee.'

    Bhupinder: 'Noel at 9.30 - Really only Ramsey & Sagna get into a Spurs and Liverpool team?? I would say the exact opposite, i feel only Suarez will get into an Arsenal team. both our Centre backs have scored more from goals from open play than Soldado just to give you some perspective, and the Spurs defence everyone keeps raving about didn't they concede 6 goals last week and 3 to west ham (a team with no recognized strikers ??) Come off it you spurs fans, everyone criticized Brad for tearing a strip off AW when we lost to Aston Villa, at least we can see the limitations, why are Spurs even considered in the same league as Arsenal?'

    Martin Nugent: 'Seems like the TC is a real slanging match today. There is enough of the season gone for clubs to have made an impression. I find the joint Liverpool/Spurs team debate a waste of time and hardly entertaining. And I'm a Liverpool fan. I said a few weeks ago that Arsenal and Man City will be the top two. Despite City's efforts away from home to prove this wrong, I still think they'll be the 2 come May. Up to now who can be pleased with the season? Arsenal for sure, Liverpool just about, Southampton, probably United and City - and that's it. Maybe a new topic would be interesting: some papers had articles about Mike Phelan today. Would he be a good head coach? Some coaches are just destined to be a good number 2, e.g. at Bayern under Hitzfeld there was Michael Henke, a disaster later as a head coach. Then some step up and are fantastic, e.g. Bob Paisley. What do the TCers think?'

    Gordon Mays says: 'What is the point in picking a joint Spurs/Liverpool team and who cares anyway? Full marks to the Spurs supporters for being positive about their team but now a third of the way through the season and although they are still hovering just below the leaders they must be disappointed with their inability to score goals plus it is all very well to reel out stats about how few goals they have conceded when the stats include the Europa League matches against Sunday morning pub sides. Rich, Rob & Noel keep telling us what great players they have so how come they get thrashed at City, lose at home to West Ham and Newcastle, and only manage to scrape 1-0 victories against weaker sides like Palace, Cardiff, Hull, Swansea, etc? Is it down to the players not being good enough? - they certainly lacked the three P's (professionalism, passion & pride) on Sunday but I believe that was a one off - Is the manager not good enough? - I rather like AVB but not sure whether he has the tactical nous - or is it down to Levy? - last season AVB built his team around Bale and Levy gave him little chance to change his style of play by delaying all his transfer activity until the final stages of the transfer window. Personally, I think it is a combination of all three but some of the players like Kaboul that the 'three wise men' continue to drool over as excellent players are highly over-rated.'

    Rob Lynn: 'Kumar, he would've won a fair bit if he'd stayed at United! Let's say a pro career is roughly 15 years. If I was a pro centre half and wanted to feel satisfied at the end of my career, I would rather have played for Man U than Barca, knowing I'd been tested week in week out in a tough league and earned my money. Not saying that's right or wrong. I don't believe that homesickness was the case, he just knew Ferdinand was in his way and would be for the next 5 years minimum and wanted to play, I respect players that leave for those reasons.'

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